About Us

In 1975, seven Farrington graduates met one day to brainstorm ideas to provide scholarships to Farrington High School students for their continuing education. From these humble beginnings grew the first public school alumni foundation in the state: the Farrington Alumni and Community Foundation. Since its founding, alumni, community leaders and the general public that share the same vision to enhance the Farrington High School community have joined FACF, making it
Hawaii’s largest public school alumni group.
Since 1976, FACF has provided Farrington High School with thousands of dollars to promote student learning and achievement.
The Foundation began with $310 in member contributions in its first year. With a rise in membership and donations from community organizations, assets surpassed the $5,000 mark by 1978. Board members organized fundraisers such as dinners and lei sales to continue growth. Many other alumni donated sizable amounts. Then, in 1993, the Foundation took a giant step forward when Koon Hin Choy provided over $250,000 for the Lokahi Scholarships.
Currently, the Foundation fulfills its purpose ably. Over $100,000 in scholarships is awarded to graduating seniors including renewable scholarships. Furthermore, thousands of dollars were given to various school programs in science, math, humanities, the arts, and general education.
The FACF roster continues to thrive monthly with new members and alumni joining each year. Through many generous donations and scholarships donors, FACF has experienced steady annual growth. Through the FACF News, FACF has also become a major resource in publicizing alumni activities and reunions.
From a simple brainstorming session in 1975, our Foundation has grown into an institution that has helped thousands of students and alumni live our school motto of “Enter to Learn. Go Forth to Serve”.

On May 1, 2024, the Board of Directors of FACF elected the following as its officers for 2024:

Richard Jenks (’74)  President

Kevin Sumida (’72)    1st Vice President

Solomon Batoon (’66)     2nd Vice-President

 "Position is vacant"     Treasure

Grace Lee (’77)      Assistant Treasure

Alan Kiyonaga (COM)    Corresponding Secretary

Valentine Fuimaono (’19)     Recording Secretary