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Site Access Registration

I’ve re-hauled registration process. You will need to re-register to gain access to the website if you don’t already have access to the protected pages and content. Sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused, but this new system will help weed out non members from trying to get in without first becoming a member.

There will be a two day screening process to verify valid FACF membership. Please do not input incorrect data.

With this new system you will receive a username and password via email. The new login credentials will give you access to protected pages and content.

Click on this link to register: Site Access Registration

Alma Mater

To you our own dear Alma Mater
We pledge our love and loyalty
And sing a tribute all together
That all may hear our song to thee
So let us raise her royal banner
And it will hold victorious sway
Then mingle merry hearts and voices
In praise of FARRINGTON!

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